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Activated today - Router not working

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Registered: ‎20-07-2020

Activated today - Router not working


After waiting over three weeks for an engineer to get our broadband up and running we are still waiting for a response from Plusnet.


1 - First BTOR engineer arrived this morning at 08:00 and within 15 minutes he said it was all done and that the broadband would take about 20 minutes to come online.

2 - A second BTOR engineer called me so he could install broadband??? I told him that it had already been done. Thankfully, he wanted to double check everything so organised a visit to my flat in the afternoon as my router would not connect. He liaised with Plusnet and after waiting for an hour on the phone they said I probably needed a new router so they would call me and let me know one had been sent.

3 - He arrived, tested my line and the broadband was working on his testing kit but NOT on my new Plusnet Hub One router (as above - solid orange light, solid red 'b'). He asked if Plusnet had spoken to me and I, obviously, said '.no'

4 - His only advice was that I should call Plusnet to make sure they had sent out a new router as he had done all he could and the broadband was looking good on his equipment readings.

5 - Plusnet are not taking any calls. The recorded message says that they are too busy and cannot take any more calls.

6 - How am I supposed to find out what is happening? No one from Plusnet has called me, I don't know if a new router will work, when it will arrive and if it has even been ordered or sent.


Can someone from Plusnet message me or respond to this thread please.

Kind regards