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83 YO Mother’s New Connection

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Registered: ‎29-03-2020

83 YO Mother’s New Connection

Hi, my 83 yo mother has ordered plusnet broadband and mobile phone deal. She ordered at the same time as myself, although hers is a new line. 

I was switched over on 27th March but they forgot to send me a router. I managed to speak to them to get one sent.

I received my SIM card within three days.

My mother is due to get her line in on Wed 1/4/20 but to date has received no router or SIM card. Unfortunately she cannot speak to customer services as they are not receiving calls unless you are a new customer, which I think is shocking. 


My mother is ill and is getting anxious that nothing has arrived and that she cant communicate etc. 

Can someone please tell me how we can check if her router and SIM card has been sent. It has all been paid for.