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4 weeks and still not connected : new customer

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Registered: ‎20-12-2018

4 weeks and still not connected : new customer

Can Someone please help because Plusnet is becoming a joke!!!!


I have just purchased my first home . ...

having seen all the tv ads promoting customer service and speedy service i decided to go with plusnet..

On the 26th November I placed an order for broadband to be fitted in my new house.and told the sales team that i would be moving in on the 7th Dec 

I was told by the sales team that  it would take 10 working days to process /activate and that the router would arrive the day before ready for activation and he gave a date  10th December when i would be up and running..

It was because of this quick activation time I choose to go with Plus net ..

On the 7th Dec I moved in to my new home and found two letters

the first was addressed to me thanking me for my order and that it was being proceesed.

the other was adrressed to the Occupier.. the content said that an application for the broadband to be changed and if this was the case no reply neccesary.

since the 10th December I have tried to contact Plusnet about my order but queues ranging from 40 - 50 mins waiting time made me hang up has i have not got that ammount of time to spare at this busy time moving into a new home..

Today from 10.45am I recieved numerous text messages from plusnet

  1. 10.50 your phone service is ready to use
  2. your phone service should be ready  20/12/18
  3. 19.30 your broadband service is due to come active 01/01/2019

I phoned plusnet @ 20.04hrs and managed to speak to an plusnet staff member after a 30 min wait , he then told me that the problem was they needed to get an engineer out to me  and the earliest time was 31st December !!.. (this is a joke having to wait another 12 days) 

He then went on to say we need an engineer  to come out and connect it to the mast .. why ?

why do I need an engineer when there was a active BT Line in the property when i moved in on the 7th December?


The date of 01/01/19 is not acceptable for my order that was placed in good faith with a activation date of 10th Dec 2018 given to me by your sales team.

This means that i will be without broadband / internet over the whole of the xmas holiday period.. I stream most of my  tv / entertainment online .

Not happy at all  can some one please sort this out ASAP.. 

Just checked my bills / account

27/11/18 paid £23.99

next bill / payment due 20/12/18 (thats today!!!)  come on, is someone taking the micky?Huh






Plusnet Alumni (retired)
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: 4 weeks and still not connected : new customer

Hi there,


I'm sincerely sorry to hear about the issues you're currently experiencing.


I've looked into your account and left some information on a ticket. You can view this here


Should you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Thank you,