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3 weeks and waiting

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3 weeks and waiting

Order placed on 27 September for broadband and phone service.  Has a letter from BT dated 28 October giving a switch date of 11 October - all seemed straightforward.


Then, on 03 October I got a PlusNet message to say switch would happen on 17 October.  Disappointed, but would still mean getting it done within 3 weeks.  17 October came and went, nothing happened and I heard nothing from PlusNet.


On 19 October, I tried Twitter, (on-line chat never available) and finally a 40 minute on hold call, only to be told that the PlusNet order had failed on 03 October, and they couldn't proceed without BT clearing the original switch.  So now, 3 weeks have passed,  only means of contact is a phone line with up to an hours wait, and the distinct feeling that nobody is doing anything.

All the marketing about award winning service is laughable.  This is the worst example I have come across in a long time.





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Re: 3 weeks and waiting

Similar issue with me. Level of customer service very poor. Impossible to get a straight answer to the delay in processing my order
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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: 3 weeks and waiting

Hi @PeterGr,


I'm sincerely sorry to hear about the issues you're currently experiencing.


I have left a ticket on your account regarding your query. You can view this here


Should you have any further questions, please get in touch.


Thank you,



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Re: 3 weeks and waiting

Same here, except it has taken 6 weeks for Plusnet to inform me that I need to cancel my account and get a refund, appalling customer service.

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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: 3 weeks and waiting

Hi @sophcon13,


I'm really sorry for the delay in my response.


Your ticket update can be followed here


I will await your response via ticket.


Thank you.