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3 Months and Waiting

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3 Months and Waiting

How do I escalate a complaint?  We ordered Full Fibre on October 24th 2022, having been told by the agent it would be 'up and running' in 7 days.  Today, we had another engineer visit following delayed installation dates,  a no show and a prior visit when we were told external work had to be completed by another team. Lo and behold the engineer said the necessary work has still not been completed.  We are now a week short of 3 months waiting for installation!  We have had enough of chat messages saying this will be sorted and we are a 'high priority'.  Where is the accountability and concern for the difficulties this causes families.  I'd be complaining directly to Openreach but it appears we can't.  

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Re: 3 Months and Waiting

To complain to Plusnet follow the "Complaints Code of Practice "link at the bottom of this page - pick the top option and follow the guidance there to pursue the route you want to pursue. You will need to be logged in to your account if following the on line option.

Plusnet can chase Openreach but they are really at their mercy. Good luck.

Plusnet Help Team
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Re: 3 Months and Waiting

Hi Ollason, I'm really sorry about the delays here. Upgrades to full fibre are subject to delays across the entire industry at the moment. We're working hard with Openreach who are taking on extra contractors. I do understand how as a family it must be nigh on impossible to keep going without a connection though. 


I've checked your account and can see that my colleague James already has ownership of this issue for you and is due to chase it up today for us.

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 Adam Walker
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Re: 3 Months and Waiting

@Ollason wrote:

I'd be complaining directly to Openreach but it appears we can't.  

Anyone can send an email direct to the CEO of BT Openreach.

Superusers are not staff, but they do have a direct line of communication into the business in order to raise issues, concerns and feedback from the community.