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25 days waiting for activation?

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25 days waiting for activation?

To Whom it May Concern,

I placed an order with you on September 1st. Although my landline has been activated, I still did not receive any news for the broadband. I sincerely need to admit that, after three weeks of waiting, this situation is starting to be frustrating insomuch as I am planning to cancel my order. 

In addition to this, I found it very difficult to get in contact with anyone representing your customer service team, either on the phone (45 minutes waiting times, really?!) and unavailable online chat. 


Is it at least possible to know when my broadband will be activated (it was supposed to be activated in ten days)? In that way I can decide whether it is still worth my time waiting for your services


Sincere Regards,



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Re: 25 days waiting for activation?

Hi there,


Sorry for the delays in getting your orders completed. I've just taken a look and neither your phone or broadband orders have completed yet. I've had to manually replace these orders and I should be able to confirm the completion date either later today or tomorrow.

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Re: 25 days waiting for activation?

I signed up via uswitch on 10 Sep & was given an estimated switch date of 26 Sep. Having heard nothing back, I phoned up Customer Services today. After waiting for over half an hour, I was told nobody can help me due to data protection & I needed to provide a user name & password which I don't have since I never receive any welcome pack. When I tried to complain to the supervisor, I was told my file has been destroyed & she can't help me any further with no explanation given.


Plusnet's complaint code of practice stated: "We aim to be number one for customer service." Given this I am totally mystified by the way I have been treated & the total lack of willingness to look into a problem that's been brought to their attention.