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19 days to activate fiber

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19 days to activate fiber

Hello community...i currently have standard broadband with plusnet which ive been pretty happy with.Decided to upgrade to fiber..contacted plusnet on 26th nov 2017 and did deal.I was told by the sales person that it will take 7 to 10 days for activation...i was happy to received a new router within a couple of days..over 10 days now without any contact from plusnet so decided to contact them only to be told that activation is due on 14th dec 2017...surely this is an excessive time to wait.

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Re: 19 days to activate fiber

You are not the only one I decided to upgrade to fibre on the November 24 but the date I have been given is December 11.

I don't think you should blame Plusnet for the delay as the activation is all down to the Openreach engineers.

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Re: 19 days to activate fiber

Its all down to Openreach availability, which until an order is placed is unknown. The average is 7-10 days, but sometimes can be a bit longer.

Did you look at the tickets on the member centre for updates?

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Re: 19 days to activate fiber

Hello there and welcome to the community forums.

It's unfortunately a busy time of the year for the engineers, and the lead times you've been given sound about right. I'm sorry if the sales adviser didn't set your expectations when you ordered the service.

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Re: 19 days to activate fiber

I'm in the same boat too. Engineers short or they want Xmas holidays. Could be a back logg from black Friday deal too.