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1 month to activate?!

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1 month to activate?!

When looking for new broadband I decided to go with Plusnet for 1 main reason the activation time. When I called Plusnet I asked when broadband would go live and I was told “ Within 10 working days” so I asked if that was sure as any other supplier would take at least 2 weeks and I was reassured that that would be the wait. It’s fundamental for me as I work from home and being with no broadband will cause me big trouble. But yesterday a received a text message, a text message... saying that broadband will be active from the 4th of January!! I signed up with Plusnet the 9th of November!!! Is this the way how you get new customers?! Lying to them? It would have been more honest if that was mentioned before you take the money
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Re: 1 month to activate?!

 did you cancel your old service ? In theory if not then your transfer is managed by your new provide at no charge and  your old provider should continue to supply your service right up to the transfer date.  If you cancelled your old service then it may cost you a fee to be reconencted

An old service isn't stopped until the new service is ready,  but you may have been unlucky . I think the gurus will need a few more details to investigate your problem.

Such as

Who is your old provider?

Why are you changing? due to cost  or due to problems with the service?

If becuse of problems then it's best to get these fixed before changing provider  as simply moving supplier  is no guarantee things will be any better.

If you are wholly dependent on the internet for your work then you should consider a professional business broadband service . The cost isn't  that much more but the service is a lot better and of course as a legit business expense  you can offset the cost against tax.

Anyway - Good luck with your move and hope it gets fixed

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Re: 1 month to activate?!

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Re: 1 month to activate?!

Hi @AAA1


I'm really sorry to hear about the issues that have been encountered. 


I can see that the previous provider actually removed the line plant which caused our orders to fail. As such, new orders had to be placed and as this time of year experiences quite long delays, your activation date has been pushed back. 


Your updates have been provided here


Kind Regards