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1 month no broadband...3 weeks to set up landline!

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1 month no broadband...3 weeks to set up landline!

so..where to begin...
I ordered phone and broadband on 10th Aug to switch from post office to PN ...paid my advance 26 quid.
PN got in touch with post office and advised they would be taking over the lines from 24th Aug (post office wrote to let me know)
24th Aug rolls around and my broadband goes off..but no new router from PN?? Problem is i work from home for a local authority due to Covid..quick call to the boss who said to take a couple of days leave till router turned up. Spent a week trying to get hold of someone, did an online chat with someone who said something would be escalated but never heard anything, so on 30th Aug finally got hold of someone who said was unsure what happened but will get router on at this point i thought my phoneline was with plusnet and i just hadnt received a router.
Its now 4th Sep and still no router (it did turn up the day after i think) and now my landline has disconnected! Rang in the morning spoke to [CSA Removed]..very apologetic..apparently the order had failed because they were bringing my old number over and it went wrong (initially they blamed post office so i rang post office and the person explained they had received the instruction from Plusnet and did what they were asked) anyway [CSA Removed] would put a 'manual' order through to get it sorted.
That same day i got some strange emails about order being cancelled sorry i was leaving! So i rang back to be told had failed again but dont worry would make sure goes through...however would be 10-14 days, now at this point i have taken 2 weeks leave as i cant do my job without decent internet! He apologised but said if i bought a mifi device and sim he would credit me £35 (the maximum he is allowed) and he will keep an eye on things, ok..i will wait...there is also now a complaint 'ticket' ? Running in the background.
Its now 14th Sep...ive heard nothing so ring again, the order had failed straight away from 4th Sep but dont worry as THIS person would get it sorted...however...they will have to initially set me up with temp number (10-14 days) and the get my old number back.
So today is the 24th land line now works after 3 weeks but still not heard about broadband.
My concern is now that i will not get back my old number which ive had for 25 years.
Has anyone had any experience of this...and what sort of comeback can i expect to receive from complaint?
Thanks for reading

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Re: 1 month no broadband...3 weeks to set up landline!

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