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My bill was due to be paid today but i can affor to pay it until later. i usually get the page that allows me to hit the pay later but it wont come up, all i get is refused to connect. i cant get to the payments page the forum is the only thing that shows up.

Its been like this the past 6 months can you do anything about it please

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Re: refused to connect.

Hi @2Tired2Tango,

Please accept my apologies for the issue with your failed billing splash screen.

After checking your account, I can see that you have since been in touch an a member of our team who has made a change to your account to rectify the issue. I'm afraid that we are still working towards a resolution to the failed billing page not appearing when it should and I don't currently have any more information to share on when this will be resolved. I'm sorry if this wasn't the answer you are looking for but I assure you we are working towards a resolution.

Thank you.

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Re: refused to connect.

@2Tired2Tango  Plusnet have been trying to fix this since September Last year Shocked

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Re: refused to connect.

@smiffy1  They've put out a few job listings for software engineers in the last month:;jobs#fpstate=tldetail&htichips=date_...

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Re: refused to connect.

They need to do something,