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whose responsible?

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whose responsible?

I've just had a nasty shock ! - - Ive just logged on my sky account to see if I could drop my HD package from there and I noticed im still being charged for my old Sky broadband at £17.99 a month I have been with PN for 20 months now meaning I have been charged £359.80 that I shouldnt have been  Cry - When I gave PN my MAC code should they have advised Sky which should have then cancelled or at least stopped the payments? - This is how it worked when I moved from AOL to BT and from BT to Sky
I also recently changed my mobile from O2 to T-Mobile and this is the same processes - O2 have now stopped charging me infact they have me £22.00 back...
So basically my question is who is responsible here? I know ultimately I should have kept an eye on this - Just like to know which company missed a step?
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: whose responsible?

Hi Oxigin,
It's advisable that you let the losing ISP (Sky in this case) know that you are migrating out just to make sure that billing does not continue. However they should have picked up on the migration to us and done something about that.
Get in touch and they should refund you straight away.
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