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where do i find my account number

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where do i find my account number

hi all, I signed up for plusnet a couple of months ago. when I signed up I went through quidco as I would receive £80 cashback. plusnet are declining my cashback though due to lack of information and are requesting my account number. I cant find anything on my bill or any of my emails from plusnet called "account number" thoug. I've given them my user ID , service ID and every other number I could find but they are still rejecting it.  please could someone tell me where I can find my account number
thanks very much for any info
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Re: where do i find my account number

Hi Jamie, if you have a look at the post linked it should tell you how to get your account number,112065.0.html
You may be asked for a service ID or account reference when you are filling out the required forms which can be found on your bill here. You will need to remove the first 0 from the service ID when
providing this to the cashback site.
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 Chris Parr
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