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where can i find my bill

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where can i find my bill

i am a new customer. my bill is due tomorrow 8/3/11 but could i find how much it is i raised a question was told it is £20.11 but no breakdown.
phoned customer service she cannot tell me what is the breakdown.tells me just to pay it and claim a refund later.
my phone bill is £12.90 broadbands free how can it be £20.
raised and added comments on question tickets being ignored...what is going on is this why the site is cheap?
iv already had refunds and apologies etc etc etc
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Re: where can i find my bill

All bills are shown under account Details -> View Transactions on the portal... but they will only appear after it has been issued i.e. after your billing date. You can see basic pricing on each product on the Account Summary page in the same place as transations.
Plusnet cannot issue bills ahead of time as they don't know how much to bill until after the billing date - especially when you have home phone.