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very dissapointed loyal customer

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Registered: ‎16-04-2020

very dissapointed loyal customer

hello. i have to say that after few years of using i'm really dissapointed how loyal customers are treat.

i had 80mb package which was discountinued, after my contract expired i could only sign new one for price 8 pound higher than 76mb package you offer right now, and no other options at all. 8 quid for 4mb? that's a rip off.

i've canceled my "rolling on" contract recently as had to move home and my partner had her contract valid for 6 more months. we moved and i decided to check what upgrade i can get, and what do i see? 76mb package for 30 quid while new customers get it for 27 quid.

is that how loayality is respected by now days?

i'm extremely dissapointed and i'm going to different provider when my partner  contract will be over.

shame on you, you went from great provider to scamming, greedy company.