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underwhelming renewal offer

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underwhelming renewal offer

I don't want to appear ungrateful, but my "loyalty renewal bonus" is a tad underwhelming.

Currently pay £33.30 including Anytime calls.

Broadband renewal offer is £23.50 but then I'd need to re-add the Anytime pack to that @ £9.15 ...

I'd move, but no-one can improve the speed of our line until OR decide to do a local upgrade, which isn't going to be anywhile soon according the the last OR engineer I spoke to.


hey ho.

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Re: underwhelming renewal offer

That's not a great offer - but mine is much worse!
Plusnet want to scalp me for £54.39 for broadband with no included calls at all. 
And my internet service is terrible too

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Re: underwhelming renewal offer

fwiw, £23.xx seems to be the 'normal' renewal offer if mine and my relative's renewals in past 12 months are any indication for UF and UF Extra.

Are you able to use a mobile phone with unlimited calls for your outgoing calls?

fyi, I have my Panasonic cordless telephone system connected to a used Huawei B525s-23a 4G router operating in 2G (GSM) mode for more than a year.  It connects to a Vodafone/o2 mast about 500m away.  My 'cheap' handset & unlimited calls sim plan only costs me £1.50 pm.  I don't have to run up and down the stairs looking for mobile phone with this setup.

(PSTN switch off is also less than 3 years away, and it doesn't seem like Plusnet will be offering Digital Voice)


@fernhillheath   £54.39 looks like the 'out of contract' price for Unlimited Fibre Extra I see in my Plusnet dashboard.

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