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unauthorised uprgade request

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Registered: ‎23-04-2020

unauthorised uprgade request

Hi..two days ago, I received notification of an Uprade request/change to my phone and that is considerable more cost,

I have not made this request

i started a new package at the begining of March, so it makes no sense to request an 'uprade' now,

I literally cannot get through on the phone, the on line live chat isn't available...Ive managed to get a sort of response from Twitter...but still waiting for a proper reply over 30 hours later

I appreciate these are difficult times

But I need this cancelled and put back to my original plan ASAP

thank you


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Re: unauthorised uprgade request

Good afternoon, thank you for getting in touch.


As discussed I have had a look at your account and I can see it is due to a housemove. The account has just been updated to reflect what you should be paying.


If there is anything else we can help with please do not hesitate to contact us further.



 Jo Clark
 Plusnet Help Team
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Registered: ‎23-04-2020

Re: unauthorised uprgade request


The house move was all sorted out on 3/3/2020....

The 18month contract i agreed to was  phone pakage £19.99 and brodband £4.99

there was no mention of the price increasing

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Registered: ‎23-04-2020

Re: unauthorised uprgade request

Cease Date:  03/03/2020

Preferred Appointment Slot (If Required): AM

Broadband Product: FIBRE

Primary contact name and number: 07462803296

Alternate contact name and number (if applicable):

Hazards & Warnings (if applicable) 100 char. limit:

Engineer notes (if applicable) 250 char. limit:

Broadband Package/Price: £4.99

Phone Package/Price: £19.99

Line Activation Cost: Waived

New Router Required? Yes

Contract Length: 18 months

Monthly Cancellation Costs After Move: £8.87 per month remaining on the contract 

Your new 18 month contract starts on the day that either your phone or broadband service is activated (whichever happens first)