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threat of deactivation..(3 days o/s) and can't get through to Plusnet. NIGHTMARE!

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threat of deactivation..(3 days o/s) and can't get through to Plusnet. NIGHTMARE!

"For the quickest response to your question", Talk to our Plusnet Chat or over
the phone" 30 min and 45 min wait respeectively.

Ask a question page, you are given the questions to ask!

General questions
I need a VAT invoice
I've been charged for an engineer visit
Reporting abuse or nuisance phone calls
Newsgroup or Usenet

Domain & Hosting questions
My Plusnet Hosting (CGI)
Standard webspace
Domains or DNS
IP addressed

With each page having more questions and then each page having more questions
after that.

None of which have anything to do with my problem.

Getting in touch by email

You can't. But if your payment is late, THEY CAN EMAIL YOU and you can't

Its only been 3 days and i am threatened with deactivation and I CANT GET

Paying my bill Online

You can pay online by logging into and following the on-
screen instructions. ERROR PAGE.

By phone as given by recorded message doesn't work. Payments
not taken over the phone anymore.

Technical Help
When seeking technical help, filter for customer care should include question
Is your phone line dead or No Internet to prioritize support before finding
out that someone pulled the plug on their telephone line or didn't turn their
router on.


Just clicked submit and it didn't go.

I joined 6 years ago, a real family feel. You got a person straight away on
the phone and received updates via mobile and email of how your problem was
being resolved. Usualy within 48 hrs. You could log into your account, post
a question from your account page. It had an empty box, please ask your
question here. Felt totally one on one, and you got an email to notify you of
the response, and literally have a discussion with tech support.

Emails bounce back now, no indication on new accounts home page that a
separate user login has to be created for Community forums.

Now,it is like a maze of links, overwhelmed by too much on the screen, where
to go, what to do, if whether anyone is there, just reading and reading,
trawling through forums reading posts years old with no reply, because plusnet
can't be had on the phone or on chat.

Prices have gone up, service quality all time low. TalkTalk all over again,
victims of their own success and not being able to cope with and maintain the
inestimable quality of service they first started out with, probably because
they caved into to being bought by BT... and to think I wanted a Plusnet Mug &

WOW... sent once already.. see what I mean! So going on my blog and facebook.

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Re: threat of deactivation..(3 days o/s) and can't get through to Plusnet. NIGHTMARE!

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