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refund for loss of service

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refund for loss of service

As you guys are probably aware i have been having problems for the last month or two regarding frequent disconnections. We have finally had a BT engineer visit today and he found the problem to be a buried joint on the phone cable outside and has bypassed it, so the problem looks to be fixed.
We have been without internet for three to four days, which was needed due to the fact my mother is currently out of work and uses this to look for work. I am asking for a refund for those three to four days as i think that it is unfair paying for a service we haven't been able to use, and also the problem was out of our control.
Your help is greatly appreciated and i look forward to hearing from you regarding this matter.
Regards Paul
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Re: refund for loss of service

Hello there Smiley
I've sorted you a refund out for the downtime that you had. There's a ticket on your account regarding this.