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receiving emails regarding home phone - credit threshold reached

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Registered: ‎30-04-2021

receiving emails regarding home phone - credit threshold reached

I received a email as above and as I knew I would be using my phone this week more than ever, to stop any problems I called up to pay an installment.


I was informed that it was not necessary to do so.  I explained unfortunately my mother had died and due to social services I was having trouble even finding out when my mother died, where she died etc. And due to that stress did not want any more problems. - yes I offered to pay and was told NO.


So here comes friday and they block my phone number will call calls being diverted to the payment line. The stress I did not wish to encounter right slap bang in my face.


Then when I phoned to make a payment,  I was told it would take 4 hours to go though .


Then had to put up with the continue use of the word Madame rather than using my name which I pointed out to the person I find that rather insulting,


Then the claim I never called before, which is odd because it shows up on my phone dialed out log so its odd they claim its not on their system.



has plusnet telephone service gone overseas - because constantly use the word madame which I have found only happens using that type of service.


anyone else had this bad of customer service?

 and does anyone listen to the customer anymore?

And yes I was a ratty customer I am stressed to hell and back and got nowhere fast.