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raw call data

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raw call data

Hey guys, well had my plusnet bill last week and I could of died my bill has escalated from an average £33 per month to a staggering, gobsmacking £114. The problem is a phone number has appeared on my bill that cost the same price as a same second hand hatchback car. After checking the last number radial function on both phones its a number that we haven't dialed but according to plusnet raw call data we did. We have never even phoned a mobile let alone an 0911 number. Plusnet sent an engineer out to check for a cross line and their wasn't and openreach have said there is nothing wrong with the line, so thought I would just leave it there, until I received an email from plusnet stating openreach have now fixed the problem with the line. No explanation no nothing have written to head of billing to make a complaint have not received any reply yet. If this matter is not resolved by Friday this week I will be terminating my plusnet contract after 2 years and never had any problems
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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: raw call data

Hi killaspam02,

Welcome to the forums and thank you for contacting us regarding this issue.

I have looked through your account and I can see that a notification has been sent to our billing team to amend this for you due to the fault on the line. This can be found in the ticket on your online account through this link