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random email exceeded data gb usage

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random email exceeded data gb usage

Hi, ever since i said i was leaving plusnet , they have added 40gb of charges to my account, the router wasnt even on when some of it was emailed and apparently used 5gb of data within an hour and half.
i have had plusnet value for years now and never exceeded the 10gb allowance then all of a sudden i receive emails stating youve exceeded gb usage.
11 feb 15;12 exceeded 20gb,
13 feb 15;11 exceeded 25gb,
13 feb 16;44 exceeded 30 gb,
14 feb 19;10 exceeded 35gb,
15 feb 10;10 exceeded 40gb,
then an email with an updated bill the next day.
numerous calls , repeating myself to various depts agreeing that as my routine hasnt changed this was suspicious billing.
Travis promised to call me back the following day between agreed time of 10;30-1100 but didnt call.
I rang at 13;00 giving him a chance to call, finally got to an advisor messaging him saying he would ring me back, i said wasted enough time ringing you and you let me down. Eventually he rang me as i insisted i would complain otherwise. i asked travis was there a problem ringing me back,  OH NO I FORGOT, not professional or acceptable.
As plusnet have last year admitted to the media that they had a fault with email gb billing the same as mine overcharging, i expected this to be refunded but no, they dont care.
Thanks plusnet for ripping me off , oh by the way, username BENJY33
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Re: random email exceeded data gb usage

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