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So, it appears that this is a thing with Plusnet. 


I have this message appearing and a ridiculously restricted service:

The bill was paid on the 17th of January!

To be honest, over the course of the last year or so, the speeds and broadband service we've been getting is appalling, with many an evening wasted restarting routers and messing around trying to be able to do the things we normally do, or my wife's work completely ruined because of this broadband service which seems vastly diminished from what it was originally. She's a teacher, so it really is an utter waste of time when the broadband decides to have a wobble and it takes the mickey when that wobble is when you get home from work. It feels like Plusnet is either capping services so they can sell more and have excessive people on at peak times, or they can't cope with peak times. 

Anyway, is really jerking my chain because NOT.FAILED.BILLING.IT.HAS.BEEN.PAID!!

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