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"Important Information about your prices" email

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"Important Information about your prices" email

Along with the majority of customers, I've received the email today confirming the price increase. Whilst it does mention CPI + 3.9% three times and provide the incremental increases on each of the services I receive, I wonder how many people are aware that CPI was 5.4%, making the overall increase of 9.3%.


Wonder why the reticence to state the overall percentage increase? I can only assume it is to try and dampen any thoughts that is a near on 10% increase good value for money? [I do realise by giving the incremental amounts, people could figure it out, providing they know how much they are paying for their services].

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Re: "Important Information about your prices" email

Hopefully people are aware of this increase - its spread to a lot of mobile and broadband suppliers now and the days of fixed price being that are long gone. But I agree I doubt if everyone has fully realised its around 10%.

That figure cant be justified now - CPI + 3.9% sounded Ok to regulators with sub 1%inflation but they must be asleep. Its also poor that its been in the small print for people taking out contracts in the last couple of months - the headline cost is nonsense if it goes up straight away. 

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Re: "Important Information about your prices" email

All last year the Bank of England experts were saying inflation was not a problem and might rise to 2% this year.  So in fairness to the regulator and Plusnet they had no option but to accept the official forecast though anyone looking around them could see that inflation was soaring towards 7% today and may well go further.

It's concerning that many people do not understand percentages which is why they can't appreciate the 9.3% rise until it hits them. One of my relatives could not comprehend that the car lease deal he was considering wasn't just a deposit and a few pounds a week; I dissuaded him only by asking if he wanted to pay £20,000 or £22,000 for the same vehicle. Even now he's not completely happy.