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plusnet letter after i have signed up to plusnet

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plusnet letter after i have signed up to plusnet

i have recieved a letter from plusnet saying that one of our coustomers has told us there'e moving to this address and want to take over the phone line that's currently active in the property we want to make sure that we have got the right details so we do not cause any problems with your phone service if you are not moving house then please let us know as soon as possible. i have just got this this morning after i have already signed up with plus net

please can someone advise me on how to deal with this please as i am disabled

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Re: plusnet letter after i have signed up to plusnet

Proabably not a lot you can do, until Monday, when you should be able to contact customer services. Try "LIVE CHAT" on Contact us


under "Already a customer" ... click "Contact Customer Services" then choose whatever you want to chat about...( possibly "other")   and then   "My question isn`t listed"... and you should be able to click on Chat to us online  and "Start Chat"


Could be busy, (being Monday ) ...but at least you will know where you are in the queue on live chat,...







It seems like they are checking that "you" ( the plusnet customer) and you ( your address) are the same .. 


Its a bit "weirdly worded" and that is giving you the confusion.


Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: plusnet letter after i have signed up to plusnet

Welcome to the community forums @dainawilson24


I think some confusion may have been caused as you appear to have signed up 2 accounts within a relatively short space of time.


There wasn't actually an active line at the property when you initially signed up, however the line was restarted quickly and the second account was signed up for the line to be taken over. I believe this will have triggered the letter you received.


From what I can see the services should already be active, however I've noticed due to the confusion with the phone line I'll just need to manually update a few things now.

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