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payment options on new contract

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payment options on new contract

I am out of contract, have been for some years. I have received an email from plusnet with what looks like a reasonable offer to re-establish a contract.  When I follow the link and login the offer is there, but only direct debit options are shown, not the card payment I currently use, nor the standing order option that I would prefer.  How might I access these other options?



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Re: payment options on new contract


Try ringing the customer options team when they open on 0800 013 2632. There are rarely long waits on this number.

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Re: payment options on new contract

Hello @JPN

In some instances, we need to set up a direct debt to initiate a new contract, and / or a call plan, this can be cancelled by yourself later on though and you'll be able to continue making card payments for your monthly bill. Smiley

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