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paying for plus net protect

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Registered: ‎26-03-2020

paying for plus net protect

I took out a contract to upgrade to fibre, I later discovered that it did not include plus net protect. Complained that I had not been informed of this and re negotiated my contract to include Plus net protect for an additional £1 per month for 2 years. last night i received an e mail to inform me that protect had been cancelled and go to add ons and download it again. 

this looks as though I will be charged at £2 per month and not the £1 as agreed. I have tried phoning this morning but unable to get through, Not good enough Plusnet

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Re: paying for plus net protect

Hi pjones10 

PlusNet Protect is supplied by McAfee and if PlusNet want £2 per month that's £24 per year

You would be far better buying a 25 Digit License Key NOT a 15 digit shared account code McAfee Total Protection from Ebay depending on the number devices you need from £7.99 for 1 device £8.99 for 3 devices  to £10.99 for 10 devices delivered by email in five minutes if you send me a private message I will send the link.

If you go down that route if you change broadband supplier you don't have to worry about internet security.

A friend who was using Kaspersky Internet Security stopped using it because he was worried about their connection with Russia has been using just the Windows 10 Defender and says its very good and only that is needed.

What do other Community users think ?