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my bill was taken on the wrong day.

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my bill was taken on the wrong day.

My bill date is always on the 10th, 'but normally Plusnet takes it on are around the 17th'. "It's trying to take it now and I do not get paid till the 15th. I'm worried that my service will be limited and my work may and will suffer from this.

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Re: my bill was taken on the wrong day.

Thanks for your post @jwalk92 

If there's an active direct debit we'd take your payment around 5 working days after your bill generates. However if there's no payment method then your bill would fail on the day it's produced.

When a payment fails we won't restrict your services until the 14th day so you'll have until then to pay manually by card either through logging into your account online or giving us a call on 0800 432 0200.

For future payments I'd recommend logging into your account online and resubmitting your direct debit instruction here:

I hope this helps.

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