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migrating from talktalk fibre

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migrating from talktalk fibre

Just signed up to migrate from talktalk fibre and prior to signing I spoke with plusnet online chat CSrep.
I queried that my talk talk contract does not expire until the 4th December and could I stipulate to migrate on or after this date.
The answer was with fibre I would choose install dates during the signup process so yes i could so I did Smiley
  I have now completed  said process and chosen the 5th or 8th december and it also said it would take 2 to 3 weeks to take over the phone line.
So is it really that plain sailing or will plus net try to take control before and if so could a CSrep get back to me regarding this
lastly during signup it asked for if i was refered to plusnet  which I was.  I entered his full name and got a tick however his user name i know know is his initials and surname not full name,  again can this be checked
many thanks
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Re: migrating from talktalk fibre

We've got the dates you requested noted down for the fibre install so we'll get one of those booked and let you know which one once it's confirmed.
Your account isn't currently showing that you were referred by anyone, so if you can create a support ticket with the referrers username on we'll get this added.
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