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left plusnet still getting demands for payment

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left plusnet still getting demands for payment

Hope somebody from plusnet can sort this out, i moved to johnlewis broadband on 12 aug i am still receiving texts for payment from plusnet despite ringing 4 times to try and sort it.

The first two people i spoke to didnt do much the last two assured me it was all sorted  but have just received another text demanding payment.

Thought it would go smoothly seeing that both accounts are handled by plusnet ,getting sick of  of all this hassle, if anything plusnet owe me money as i payed for a month and left with two weeks remaining.







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Re: left plusnet still getting demands for payment

Thanks for getting in touch @hamski 

I'm sorry to see we're attempting to bill you after your service has been ceased with us and we haven't processed a refund yet to cover what you've paid us for a service we've not provided you with. 

I've been looking into this and I've arranged for this to be sorted out, adding a reply to your support ticket:

I hope this helps. 

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