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left plusnet but still being charged.

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left plusnet but still being charged.

hi everyone i left after being with plusnet for several new provider left a ticket for plusnet to terminate my account on aug 18th.i have noticed i was still getting £20.99 taken out my account so phoned them on november 15th and was told they were sorry about this and were going to cancel my account and refund any excess that was taken off me.well,that hasnt happened i have no refund and they took another payment off me on the 23rd nov to make the matter worse.question number was #205152990 this is what it said on aug 18th 

(Script User - Automated Script Pool
8:00pm, Tuesday 18 Aug 2020
The Phone cease on this account has been completed.
Please arrange for the account to be cancelled.)
at this moment plusnets slogan we'll do you proud should be changed to,plusnet we'll do you!.if anybody has any ideas how to move forward from this and get this rectified im all ears
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Re: left plusnet but still being charged.

If you paid via direct debit you could get your money back under the direct debit guarantee scheme. Ring your bank and ask