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have moved to sky 145 mb g fast

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have moved to sky 145 mb g fast

hi there my 18 month contract ended 28/1/2020 / gone to sky and it only cost me 39.00 quid a month and get 146 mb and free calls to home and mobiles all so free install just had to pay 5.00 quid so just had my bill for from plus net for 44 odd quid from the 28.1.2020 to the 3/2/2020 / i leaft on the 3/2/2020

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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: have moved to sky 145 mb g fast

Hey @firebird1000,

I'm sorry to hear about the incorrect charges on your latest invoice and I apologise for the frustration caused.

I've checked over the account and provided a more detailed response over a support ticket for you here.



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Re: have moved to sky 145 mb g fast

I don't blame you at all. Very strange for Plusnet do not offering any 160/30. Don't know what are the reason for PN not to offering it. But I think u could saving lots more if u went to TalkTalk Faster 150 Fibre for just £28 a month for fixed price for 18 months including line rental for 160/30.

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Re: have moved to sky 145 mb g fast

G Fast? Just come off contract (only noticed because of the direct debit) Plusnet didn't bother telling me, which has irked me somewhat.


So looking to move as Plusnet only giving offer for new customers - strange way of doing business though, I either swallow their huge price hike or leave?!?!?!?! Guess which one I am opting for!


Anyhoot got any detail about G Fast?