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What on Earth is happening ? I had a email from plusnet

last week telling me I owed them money and they could not

collect direct debit from my account,  but on checking bank

the DD have been paid.  I have actually been given refunds

by plusnet because I have been overcharged.

On Monday 21 Sept I rang the 0800 432 0200 phone line and

spoke to a lovely lady who was as confused as I was about the

payment demands and said it would be sorted same day.


But now I am getting the message below a lot, even on sites

like email and others I use all the time,  and getting response

from sites is getting longer and longer, despite the up and down

speeds being OK.


THIS SITE CANNOT BE REACHED refused to connect


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Re: refused to connect

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Re: refused to connect

An update on this problem,  despite phoning plusnet 0800 432 0200 number earlier this week ( Monday 21st Sept ) and being assured my account was OK I got another threatening email today saying I owe £32 ( funny I had an email from plusnet on the 11 Sept telling me I was due a £32 REBATE ....) so today I spoke to a nice helpful bloke who has raised a billing query on my account,  I paid £32 over the phone and almost immediately the message I was getting ' refused to connect' on some websites has gone away,  and the slow connection to most websites has also gone.  As I said before my up and down speeds were pretty normal so it looks like plusnet has other devious ways of making your browsing life difficult than just simply throttling the speed down.........


I got a confirmation of the billing query reference by email and a receipt for my payment straight away... seems some parts of plusnet still work well.

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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: refused to connect

Hey up @wotsup Smiley I've looked into this and updated you via your account, you can view this on the Member Centre or you can see my response via email.

 Plusnet Help Team