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On the 26/11/22 I obtained a new contract from the offers section of my online account for which I have the email(attached).

I also have a new router which I ordered on the same day, which I have received(order note attached). The new contract starts on 28/11/22 for 18 months at the price of £26.50 per month for line rental only and broadband(doc attached).

 I noticed that on dec payment you correctly charged me for the router(£6.99) and incorrectly for my new package(47.54) totalling £54.53.(See attached bills).

I phoned on 9/1/23 at 15.40 in the afternoon. I was told a mistake had been made and it had not gone through. I was offered and accepted an 18-month contract for line rental and broadband for £21.50 a month.

My bill for Jan 23 was £20.15 to account for the overcharging on Dec 22. You have charged me £47.00 for Feb 23 and I note on my online line account it states I have a 18month contract /16 months left to run. There is no mention of my new cheaper rate and as you have charged £47.00 for Feb 23 it seems you have made a mistake again. You have not fulfilled the contract. Could you please fix this and I will be obliged to reinstate the direct debit for £21.50 which was offered to me over the phone.

Yours Sincerely,

Alistair Swanson,

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