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contract renewell

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contract renewell

Very disappointed , I have been with PlusNet for the past two years and my present Broadband/phone contract runs out on the 1st of December.

I noticed at present that they are offering new customers unlimited broadband free for 18 months so I rang up and asked for my new contract to match this offer.I was then promptly told by a very abrupt and unpleasant operator that I would have to pay £16.99 a month for broadband once my present contract runs out and that was the best he was willing to offer a loyal customer.

I shall be ringing back next month to cancel my contract with them as he said if I gave him two months cancellation notice today he would charge me £40 for cancelling early.

Disgusted how they treat loyal customers,i shall certainly look for a new provider.

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Re: contract renewell

ive been here 5 years and they offered me £5 off my £45 bill a month ONLY if i signed into a 24 month deal, i turned the offer down.

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Re: contract renewell


you only need to cancel if your intention is to have no broadband or phone with anybody or going with Virgin Fibre (they would probably arrange the cancellation but to make sure i would also do it myself).

If you intend going with a other ISP i would complete the sign up 14 days before you contract runs out on 01/12/16 making sure the go live date is after the date your contract runs out, the New ISP does all the contacting PN you don't have to do anything (plusnet when notified of the change may be in contact with you making offers to keep you but from my experience with BT and TT they will not give you the same offers  that new sign ups receive.