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closed question 195491471

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closed question 195491471


I've received a question but it has been closed already so I have no chance to reply.


In the question it is mentioned

> After further investigation into why this has happened, we can see that your contract has come to an end and you are now paying for full price for your broadband as the £8.00 discount you had for the duration of your contract has ended.

I'm confused about not having the £8 broadband discount as my contract
goes until April 2020, it is 18 months not 12.

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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: closed question 195491471




I've had a look at the account and you're right it should be on for 18 months and not 12, it looks like this was incorrect added for 12 when the contract was created. I've reopened the ticket and moved it to re-add and monitor. I've also added some other information which might be relevant, that the agent hasn't addressed during his poor investigation of the matter. If you need clarification on anything please feel free to ask or update the ticket. 


Moderators Note: Typo corrected at staff request.