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charged twice for line rental repeatedly

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charged twice for line rental repeatedly

In 2019 I was charged twice for line rental. It took until August to sort. In 2020 I was again charged twice for line rental, it took until about June to sort. This year it looks very much as if I am going to again be charged twice for line rental. (It is because I pay for a year upfront and Plusnet can not manage to sort this offer they have.) I may be OK even. I am just not sure. The wording of emails from them is non logical and open to interpretation. I have become very anxious about it. (I am neuroatypical.) I do not want to switch user and get yet another router for eventual landfill. I am phone phobic. I am totally unable to contact Plusnet. They are not running the chat line. They do not undertake email correspondance and they do not operate the raising a ticket (which was how I eventually got it sorted on the last two occasions.) In utter desperation I have even tried to overcome my phobia and have attempted to phone but they do not answer the phonelines and instead play muzac. You guys are my only hope. How does one contact Plusnet? (The only thing I found was to write and snail mail them!)

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Re: charged twice for line rental repeatedly

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