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change of speed and new contract term why?

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change of speed and new contract term why?

change of speed

i am currently a pn customer on fibre max coming to end of 12 month contract wanting to reduce to 38mb but have been told if i do i have to sign another 12 month contract is this correct as i am sure a change of speed does not make you do this if you are out of contract 

please advise do i stay or should i jump ship

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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: change of speed and new contract term why?

Hello @john_tandy


As you are changing the broadband product it will count as a new contractual agreement.


Reason for this we will need to process a 'modify order' with our suppliers BT Whoesale to alter your fibre speed. The admin work will be carried out by our Provisioning Team.


We will also need to issue you with a new 'minimum guaranteed access line speed' as part of your contract. If your speed falls shorter than the guaranteed speed and there is no method for us to resolve this matter, you will have the rights to terminate your contract with ourselves.


Hope this information has helped with your query.


If you would like I can arrange a member of our Customer Options Team to get in touch with you and discuss our current offers, we can hopefully find a package suitable for you at a good value. Please let us know if you would like us to arrange this for you by providing us a couple of time and dates you are free for a call.


Kind regards.