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cancellation fee

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cancellation fee

I have Unlimited Fibre Extra for £26.17 a month. My contact runs out on 9th June 2023


Any ideas how much to cancel?

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Re: cancellation fee




Unlimited Fibre Extra Package 	Monthly Charge
Broadband Only^ 	£11.56
Broadband & Phone 	£13.93
Broadband & Phone (Line Rental Saver)* 	£3.74




So 11 months at £13.93 according to the Legal page if "The early termination charges set out in the tables below apply to any customer who signed up to a broadband or broadband and phone contract before 10th December 2019:"



"For any customer who signed up to a broadband or broadband and phone contract after 9th December 2019, early termination charges are calculated as follows**:

  • monthly charge (factoring in any monthly discount to which the customer is entitled);
  • deduct VAT at the applicable rate;
  • reduce the charge to take account of any costs saved because of leaving early, such as wholesale costs;
  • deduct 1% for early receipt of payment;
  • multiply this figure by the remaining months of the minimum term. Any part of a month in the remaining minimum term will be charged daily on a pro rata basis;
  • add VAT at the applicable rate to the final amount."

Please see  for more


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Re: cancellation fee

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