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cancellation charges

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cancellation charges

I have received this message advising that I now have cancellation charges to pay.

I am dumbfounded by Plusnet as they have made our lives hell over the last 4 months after we were not told that we had come out of our contract and was immediately charged the standard rate which made our bills twice the price than we were paying before.

We then started to have very poor service where the router lost the password and on three separate occasions we had to endure ringing up ,waiting an hour just for them to reset the password!!!!

We decided on 15th august to leave plusnet as we had had enough.

The migrattion fiasco went on for three months were the migration was cancelled by Plusnet. Yes they of course blamed someone else. But the new provider wasnt going to cancel it were they?

We were enforced to relinquish our long standing landline number to get a new number and this has caused us no end of problems and stress.

Then to receive this demand for cancellation charges is a disgrace.

I have read that after your initial period if you keep going you are on a rolling monthly account. so why have we been charged 83 days worthHuh?

It really does boil my blood when we are Yorkshire people living in Yorkshire who were sucked in by the advert that clearly states and is continuing to state..." We`ll do you proud"!!!!

You have done me right enough, ill grant you that.

with poor service, poor infrastructure, diabolical wait times on your "award winning customer service". I have never had such a bad broadband experience.

The new provider was so put out by the way wen had been treated in the migration stages that they actually gave us the first month free. And it was NOT their fault.


Can someone of sense please come back to me with an answer 


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Re: cancellation charges

Hi there,

Sorry to hear that we've left a poor impression on you, and that you've left us. Wishing you all the best either way.

My colleague has detailed the explanation for the charges here, which I hope clarifies things a little bit more.

In terms of your migration to the new provider, there should be no reason as to why they're unable to port the number over from ourselves. Is it themselves who have advised that the number needed to be relinquished?


ex-Plusnet staffer. Any posts after 28/07/2017 aren't on behalf of Plusnet