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broadband ‘cessation’ charges

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broadband ‘cessation’ charges

I will be closing my Plusnet broadband account as I will be using the tethering allowance provided by Three to serve internet to devices within my home. I have however recently learnt that leaving Plusnet will see a cessation charge applied.


Looking through the Plusnet Community forums cessation charges seem to be a contentious issue. I also came across this Which? article that concluded with 'We believe that ISPs should stop levying such charges once customers’ contracts have ended. This makes switching providers easier, and it’s fairer for people who’ve finished their contracts.' It also stated that BT and Plusnet are two of the biggest broadband providers that charge their customers cessation fees.

I'd appreciate any advice that community members may have on making an appeal and getting the charge wavered? It would also be helpful to receive any advice available on taking the matter further, such as where to highlight the charge more publicly.

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Re: broadband ‘cessation’ charges

Presuming that it's not myself that you're after advice from, but this was recently discussed here.


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