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billing issues for both mobile and broadband

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Registered: ‎28-03-2020

billing issues for both mobile and broadband



Just been told that my mobile bill is £31!! when its meant to be £7.50.


only solutions you gave are to take the money and then credit my next bills! or take the money and then i can request a refund (5-7) working days. If i cancel my direct debit of £31!! you say you will cut off my mobile service!! i was then cut off by your customer service advisor.

real solution is you have till the 10th april to bill me correctly or you wont be taking anything till you do bill me correctly. 


you have also charged me 33p for a call to my voicemail on last months bill?! er what? 




my broadband package is £23.99 (despite you now charging new customers 22.99) yet you have taken 28.99 from my bank this month!? why ? -- put that extra £5 back with interest please!


tired of constantly phoning you up to sort out my new services.


only wanted basic fibre with no add ons at all! and the cheapest all including voice/text mobile package that goes with it (with no extras including not being able to phone numbers that add charges) £23.99 + £7.50 = £31.49 is what i owe you a month!

you want to take £59.99 this month or you say you will cut off my services if i don't let you take the extra £25.50 i don't owe ?!