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why is it a secret about how much my total bill is going to be on 25th as how am i meant to know how much i need to pay into the bank as after putting 50 in there it looks like its not enough and support well they dont actually support anything that i asked but im now worse off than i was with talk talk at least i had youview before now it seems ill be at least 25 pounds worse and no tv actually ill just quit it doesnt matter as i cant afford nearly 80 pounds a month and for what 
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Re: bill

This has been discussed before - the e-mail(s) you get at your "end of billing period" specify what the charge will be when payment is taken/needed roughly 5 days later (based on a VADD payment), so you should know the amount you need by the payment date. It then depends how you make the money available - my slowest transfers (building society to bank/BS) are next day PM (add 1 day after 19:00  Shocked ) using internet banking.
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