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advance notice of billing.

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advance notice of billing.

Last week for some unexplained reason, Plusnet took money via directdebit to cover my call changes.
The money was taken, but not creditted to my account.
This morning I have another email informing me of another invoice for a few quid, to pay more call charges.
My billing date is 10th May.
I am going to cancel my direct debit, and in future pay via debit card.
Plusnet have no right to take money as and when they feel like it.
The agreed date is the 10th of the month, and that is when they will get their money.
Plusnet Alumni (retired) orbrey
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: advance notice of billing.

Right, it looks like there was no phone component on the account following the previous cancellation request. The evenings and weekends component was added as without this you are unable to view your itemised bill, as this was done part way through the month an invoice has been raised to cover the call charges that haven't yet been billed.
That's why things have happened as they did, however I can confirm that the change to anytime will still go through on the 10th as originally requested.