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You've me down as Unlimited Fibre, but fot > 6 years I've been ... Extra

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You've me down as Unlimited Fibre, but fot > 6 years I've been ... Extra

I read recently that I could reduce my monthly bill, for a 80/20 service + phone from a rather extortionate (out of contract) 48.98 to something less extortionate, by going 18-month contract.

Logging in, and being bounced about your website, I found that this was impossible. You've me down as "Unlimited fibre" (from when I joined in 05/2014, when that meant 80/20); you've provided me (under what you probably call ... "Extra") with 80/20 -- and I've certainly paid, through the nose, for that. If I try to set up an 18 month contract, the only thing I can do is contract for 40/10. It seems to me this is because you changed, for you own reasons, the name for the service I get in the last 6 years.

To be honest, I'm scared of causing any perturbation in your accounting system. Your current internet service is good, if very expensive. I get 72/18. If I try to change the name you have for my service, I'm scared my service will become unusable.

I'm prepared to submit to a 18-month contract for a reduction from almost 600 quid a year, to sensible money, with current service. Can you promise me you won't screw that up and leave me on half what I need?