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Yet another overcharged customer

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Yet another overcharged customer

Chat ref: 4302810174Question: 192479761 (closed due to inactivity)

In May, I upgraded to Fibre Extra. As I already had Line Rental Saver, with other discounts I should have been paying £8.99 a month. I was charged £53.57. That's an overcharge of £44.48.

In June and July I was overcharged by £30.99, and in August and September £12.00.

In total, I have been overcharged by £130.56.

Although I was told during a chat that this would be resolve, and a question was subsequently opened, the overcharging has continued, and the question closed due to inactivity. This really isn't good enough, Plusnet. Up until May you have been a reliable provider, but since then your service has really deteriorated. Speeds are sorely lacking (as detailed in another post).

Please sort this out without further delay.

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Re: Yet another overcharged customer

Overcharging seems to be the norm for them on that new useless billing system. They have been overcharging me since they told me my account was foxed. Fixed to defraud me of money.
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Re: Yet another overcharged customer

Thanks for getting in touch @Thats_What_I_Do 

I'm sorry to see your bills have been incorrect. I've taken steps to refund what we owe you and correct this moving forward adding a reply onto a support ticket with more detail you can view by going Here

I hope this helps.

From 31st October 2022, I no longer have a regular presence here as I’ve moved on to a new role.
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