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Wrongly charged £65.00 for FTTC Engineer Visit

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Wrongly charged £65.00 for FTTC Engineer Visit


I have been trying to reach you since the 1st of May.

I was sent an email from Plusnet informing me that I would be charged £65 on my next bill for a visit by an 'FTTC Engineer' on the 24th February. The email quotes:
The engineer that attended has provided us with notes from this visit, they have informed us that the issues you experienced with your services were caused by misoperation/incorrect set up of equipment. The engineer has either resolved this issue for you or provided you with advice on how to do so, due to this an engineer call-out charge is applicable.
This is absolutely not the case. The engineer confirmed when he was here that there was a fault with your equipement i.e. the router as the broadbnd signal is reduced to half as soon as it reaches the router. All the wiring in my house is faultless. I have the BT Openreach engineer's telephone number and he has CONFIRMED again by text that the above was not the case.
Let me explain the history of the issue:
• Firstly, we had absolutely no broadband for over 24 hours so I reported this problem to Plusnet. In response, you sent an engineer who only came to the green box near my home (not to my home). He confirmed in a phonecall that same day that there was a problem with the 'card' within the green box (it was broken) and that around 30 households were experiencing the same problem. By ‘switching’ our connection to a different 'card', he resolved the problem for the time being but confirmed that the original 'broken’ card would beed to be fixed.
• We continued to have broadband after this but it was slow and patchy and did not reach the first floor and second floor of our property. Without requesting it, around 2-3 weeks later, a second engineer came but this time directly physically in to my property. He checked the speed in our hardwiring and confirmed that the speed was half as it came through the router that was provided by Plusnet. He confirmed it was a faulty router and he would request another router. We never received a second router and consequently we are receiving half the speed I am paying for.
Why was this £65 charge placed on my account? This is totally unjustified as the problem lies with your hardware which you never replaced. I would like to see the full notes of the engineers visit as it should not have given rise to me being charged for his visit. 
Please get back to me ASAP. I have tried your Customer Support several times and cannot get through.

Kind regards,

Anushe Low
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Re: Wrongly charged £65.00 for FTTC Engineer Visit

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Re: Wrongly charged £65.00 for FTTC Engineer Visit

Hi @anushelow and welcome to the Community Forums.

I'm sincerely sorry to hear you've been advised of an engineer charge is being passed on and although I can't confirm my findings or actions over this support channel I've raised a ticket on your account which can be seen below.

The ticket I've raised on your account:

I hope this helps and I look forwards to hearing from you further.