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Wrong Bill Amount....AGAIN!

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Registered: ‎02-11-2020

Wrong Bill Amount....AGAIN!

Evening Plusnet,

For the third month running, and fifth time in this current contract, you've billed me the wrong amount.

This month, in a stroke of shear brilliance, you correctly refunded the overcharge from the previous month but failed to get the bill amount right for this month - a epic fail that only a human can make.....or a computer with a sense of humour.

Please answer at least one of my open tickets (206228307 or 207560657) - chose either, I'm not picky - just PLEASE get my bill right for a change.

I appreciate that COVID working restrictions may be hampering things....but, you know, some of us are managing to work from home doing some pretty full-on jobs - so getting a direct debit right can't be that tricky, surely?