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Worst Service Provider - Plusnet

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Worst Service Provider - Plusnet

I always thought Sky were the worst but I must say I was wrong, that title goes to Plusnet. 

After several months of complaining that internet dropping, poor speed, multiple engineer visits etc no resolution is found. I am still using a crappy service, but now I receive a email from plusnet that they haven't been charging me for all the services. See email below from Plusnet. 

I bought the contract which was all inclusive £19.99 per month for 36MBPS. Keeping aside the fact that I don't even get that most of the time, which I should get compensation for, why would you send a email saying you would charge me £35.98 from next bill, that too for your rubbish service. 

At this point in time where I haven't got a job for over 4 months, you are trying to rob me by charging double the amount for something which ain't worth a dime. 

I need a response to his message asap, else I will complain to Customer Forum, CISAS, and Ombudsman. 


Hello Shashank
We’ve had a problem with our system, which means we haven’t billed you for all of your products and services with us. We’re going to fix this issue, which means that we’ll start charging you the correct amount from your next billing date.
We won’t be backdating any charges that were missed, you’ll just start paying the correct amount when you get your next bill. The standard monthly charge for your Plusnet broadband and line rental will be £35.98.
We’re sorry for any inconvenience that may have been caused. Your charges will be updated automatically and you can check your account details online at but if you do need so speak to us you can call us on 0800 328 4620.

Best wishes,
The Plusnet Team

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Re: Worst Service Provider - Plusnet

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