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Won’t load plusnet failed billing page

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Won’t load plusnet failed billing page

I’m trying to get on to the failed billing page and it won’t load. My payment was due yesterday and I can’t even log in to press make payment or can’t pay right now to turn my restrictions off
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Re: Won’t load plusnet failed billing page

Restrictions are ment to be put in place after 14 days, from the failed payment date, but for some reason they put them on stright away. I feel your pain, as you can't connect to plusnet to click on 'acknowledge and continue browsing' and even if by a miracle you do, the restrictions are still in place.


I think the restrictions are put in place to prevent people paying, so plusnet can get £12 late payment charges!


if you have a good standing on the forums, then maybe a staff member will lift them for you.


All the best

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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Won’t load plusnet failed billing page

Hi @Sta2890, thanks for your post.


We're sorry for the delayed response. On checking the account, I can see that you've since called in and that the issue should now be resolved. Can you confirm that this is the case your side?


@Menace65 - I can assure you that what you're suggesting re: charges simply isn't the case - we are aware of a few issues with the new automated billing system which has caused this to happen.