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Why !!

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Registered: ‎09-04-2013

Why !!

So, last Friday I decide to move from Madasafish who were charging £25.99 for 20gb allowance, to plusnet who are offering a half price deal for unlimited at £8.50 .
I tried to get through to Madasafish to get a MAC code, but after waiting nearly an hour had to give up as phone battery ran out!
Thought I would try phoning plusnet seems they are same people and got through nearly straight away. Now I was going to sign up through Topcashback who were offering approx £38 cashback, but because I got so frustrated trying to speak to someone at Madasafish the nice lady from plusnet said she could set it all up for me over the phone so I would not need a MAC code.
I have agreed to a 12 month contract of
unlimited at half price £8.50
line rental                      £13.99
international  300        £6
caller display                £.99
Total £29.48 a month
For some reason I was told that she could not do the half price unlimited so I would have to pay the full amount for unlimited and be rufunded the half price amount.
I see now that the full amount of £37.97 has been taken from my account with no sign of refund.
I really wish I had signed up through the internet, I could have got my cashback and only paid  £29.48 for deal as shown on the signup page.
Any plusnet people care to reply ?
Plusnet Alumni (retired) orbrey
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Why !!

Hi there,
If you log in to and have a look at your open tickets, ticket 67941814 should explain what's going on? The discount will be added for you and is queued to be done.
Hope that helps.